Mark Richard Beaulieu



Mark Beaulieu builds web and wireless Internet software systems. He was recently Director of Software Engineering at Novatel Wireless. There he worked on core software, vertical market and consumer applications. He has worked for IBM, QUALCOMM, Metaphor Computer Systems, SONY, Motorola, AT&T, Digital Orchid, General Magic, Aldus (Adobe), Island Graphics, Via Video, ViewTech, and Forethought (Microsoft), and done special projects for Apple Inc. Mark left Digital Orchid as Senior Engineer architect and coding their leading realtime BREW & J2ME application servers for NASCAR, NHL and Caliente, a premiere Latin American gambling operation. At QUALCOMM Internet Services as Director of Enterprise Project Management he directed BREW platform application development through training, research and obtaining partner relations with companies such as IBM. As Wireless Architect for the Open Source J2EE XML application server company, Lutris Technologies, he developed wireless server plans and prototype applications for Internet businesses.

Mark is author of Wireless Internet Applications and Architecture (Addison Wesley, 2001) and co-author of Multimedia Demystified (Random House,1994), based on the practice and research of multimedia systems. Read an excerpt Concepts for Working with Wireless Applications.

BIO: Mark Beaulieu is an experienced engineer and business development expert in the Internet, telecommunications, digital publishing, and the high technology community where he has worked for over 25 years. He was cofounder of Metatext, a high quality computerized pre-press production company. As founder of two content software companies, Digital Lantern and the United States Restaurant Guide, he was reviewed in Wired Magazine for their "Digital Guide Done Right." He has taught at San Francisco State University on multimedia theory and Marshall McLuhan. An expert in self-publishing in both digital platforms and print, he is completing series of books on the life of Eleanor of Aquitaine. Mr. Beaulieu holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas, and a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of California, Davis.

Resume: [Full Resume in PDF]