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Taken at the time of the Iraq war, what is this a photograph of?

I like taking pictures of things that tens of thousands of people see every day, yet never stop in their commute to notice.


Special  Print

Three Doors of the Petroveil

 30”x20”, 43”x30” framed digital print

Mark Richard Beaulieu

$3,000 framed print

This print took first place in “Beyond the Lens” exhibit in July 10-August 16 2008 opening the new Municipal Gallery in Escondido, CA on 262 E. Grand. The award was given by Arthur Ollman, former Director of the San Diego Museum of Photographic Arts.  Large framed print is available.

Three Doors of the Petroveil

Mark Richard Beaulieu

Digital Archive Paper 13x19"


At some point you will notice the three doors, each one built uniquely. A hint of what this is, and its scale, can be seen in the lower left part of the wall where weighted orange traffic cones lie. White sandbags run like a fuse from the wall. The print has a specially graded edge.

What you are looking at is the lane expansion of highway 15. These are curing drapes to allow pressed cement barriers to finish. Cars fly by where the dirt and sandbags are located. The site is located under the Del Lago Transit station on southbound I-15 near Westfield Mall.

This structure, which can be seen in the picture below, is used to retain earth that embanks the freeway. They are necessary in earthquakes and help shore up the pilings for the expansion of the crossover bridge which will be constructed next.

Freeway Bank Retainer

Mark Richard Beaulieu

Digital Archive Paper 13x19"


This photo is a composite of perhaps forty photos to provide the detail required, such as the bicyclist coming off the bridge on the left. You can’t see it on your computer now, but printed large as in the four panel work below, he is quite visible among the trees.

Special Print from Exhibition

 Rancho Site Fifteen

Mark Richard Beaulieu

Digital Archive Paper 13x 24”


Rancho Site Fifteen Quad

David Em & Mark Beaulieu

$8,000 quad print

Rancho Site Fifteen

On 9/12/2009 Escondido Municipal Gallery in conjunction with Gallery 262 presented ‘The Secret Life of Freeways,’ featuring  nine new California Freeway Digital Archive prints of digital artists Mark Beaulieu and David Em.

The hallmark was the hyper-detailed composite, ‘Rancho Site Fifteen,’ printed in four panels.


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